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Ant Food Liquid, Mixes and Foraging seeds and Liquid Feeders.

These products have all the food sugars that your Ants will need. 

Insect protein such as meal worms and baby crickets etc are also recommended when the Ants have larvae to feed, particularly with Myrmecia species and others that have larvae that are capable of feeding themselves.

We stock our very own Ant Tucker and the new range of Ant Park Products. (pictured)

Ant Park Ant Food is new to the market but has been extensively test on random colonies and has been tested on my own colonies, this food is recommended also and provide a great variety for all species of Ants.

The Ant Nectar is well received by all Ants in our collections

This all in one Ant Food is also popular with most species and is in a powder form that is mixed with water to form a paste that provides an alternative to full liquid mixes.

The Foraging mix is a mixture of popular seeds the harvester and piedole Ants love.



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