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Bullant Queen + Den Package
Bullant Queen + Den Package
Bullant Queen + Den Package
Bullant Queen + Den Package
Bullant Queen + Den Package
Bullant Queen + Den Package
Bullant Queen + Den Package

Bullant Queen + Den Package

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Myrmecia need to be shipped express post courier so that they are there in the fastest time possible time.  Message us with the full details of what you would like to order and we will invoice you with the fastest postage Express Courier. Some countries do not allow the importation of Ants please check with your local customs as to the legal entry requirements of your country.  Import taxes may also have to be paid to you local government, so be aware of your countries regulations.  


Serious about your Ant Keeping hobby we have it all for you:

This great deal bought to you by Antshopaus contains either a 2022 Myrmecia Pyriformis, Brevinoda or Nigricepts Queen with her founding eggs or larvae.

These Queens retail in our shop for $250 each and are recommended for experienced Ant Keepers. The Bullant Den Delux is $44. Total of  $294.00 value.

The Den has the following features:

Twin feeding modules which double as entry exit ports.

Red see through cover for added privacy.

Triple test tubes for large colony expansion.

Small outworld for foraging in early development stages.

This package $ 294.00 will save you lots.

We have developed all the equipment to assist you in having a positive experience with this fantastic species.

Our information page has all the tips and traps to assist with your hobby.

This package includes a fully set up Bullant Den with Queen ready to go in your existing out world or purchase one of ours from the outworld section XL size recommended as these Dens are a good size.

If keeping solely in the Bullant Den the Queens will need to be fed in the outworld section.

It is recommended that the Den be placed in a larger outworld to enable the Queens to forage for their young and dispose of any rubbish and to go to the toilet.

Note: Transport by Post can be Traumatic for Myrmecia and it is not unusual to eat their eggs in Transit, however they will lay again once they settle into their new environment.

Please select express post (Australian orders) or international express post (live Ants) at checkout to ensure a timely and safe delivery of your product which is guaranteed live delivery and also fertile.

Note:  Cannot be shipped to USA,  Tasmania and Western Australia. 

In the case of an International order being refused entry by foreign customs, the order will be destroyed as it cannot be returned to Australia without an import permit.  Postage on international orders is non-refundable.