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Starter Pack all the Essentials to get you going.

Starter Pack all the Essentials to get you going.

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When you buy your first Ant Farm you will need food, feeding containers etc so we have designed a pack so you don't miss anything for your new pets.

The Pack contains the following items:

Ant Sand for your Outworld use to a depth of no more than 1 to 2 mm so they don't tunnel in it.

Feeding Bowl use to put your Ant Tucker in for new colonies so the food source is easy to find.

Twin Liquid Feeders One for a water tower and one for Ant Tucker when the colony starts to grow.

Sample Bottle of Ant Tucker

Blunt end needle and Syringe used to hydrate the sponges in the nest area and can also be used to put the Ant Tucker in the Feeding Bowl or small Liquid Feeder. Wash out before using the syringe to inject water into the sponges as you don't want Food in the sponge area or it will contaminate the sponge.

Tweezers  top quality metal for cleaning your outworld. Do not use these for picking up any Ants, or you may injure them.

If an Ant escapes from the nest we recommend you let it run onto a piece of paper and then gently put it back in the Outworld.

Of course all items can be purchased separately in our Essential section of the shop.