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Ant queen Myrmecia Fulvipes
Ant queen Myrmecia Fulvipes
Ant queen Myrmecia Fulvipes

Ant queen Myrmecia Fulvipes

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Myrmecia need to be shipped express post courier so that they are there in the fastest time possible time.  Message us with the full details of what you would like to order and we will invoice you with the fastest postage Express Courier. Some countries do not allow the importation of Ants please check with your local customs as to the legal entry requirements of your country.  Import taxes may also have to be paid to you local government, so be aware of your countries regulations.  We now have overseas distributors for our products so save on VAT taxes and VET Taxes and Shipping costs

Not a common Species and not always in stock.

Queens eggs, pupae, larvae workers colonies of different sizes to choose from.

Daytime forager Adult Ants like sweet foods such as our Ant Tucker (sold on this site).

When Colony is raising Larva they will require protein, such as small meal worm, crickets, wood roaches etc.

Use Ant barrier or flu-on to prevent Ants climbing out of outworld as they are good climbers.

Queens 19 to 21 mm workers 13 to 16 mm

Recommended for experienced Ant Keepers as have painful sting.

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This is to prevent Ants being left in hot mail trucks and hot delivery spots.